The Okavango Delta from the Sky

Summer 2008

As we finished up in Etosha National park, we made our way into Botswana from Namibia to explore the Okavango Delta.

Before starting on our multi-night camping excursion into the delta, we had a couple days in the city of Maun. One of the extra-not-included-in-the-tour-but-you-could-pay-out-of-pocket-excursions we did do was a flight over the Okavango Delta.

Flying in a tiny 4 seat prop propellor plane, we spent a couple of hours in a nauseating rollercoaster flight of ascents and descents, looking down at the lush green delta and the animals below.

Elephants, zebras, wildebeests, buffalos, and even hippos lazily lounging in their private pools of water.

To see the delta from the air was an incredible experience that provided a whole different lens to view and appreciate this natural wonder.

As our air sickness reached its zenith, we arrived back into the airport at the city of Maun.

The exploration into the Okavango Delta would unfold over the course of the next week.