The Manifesto

Summer 2018

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As with the belated introduction, this is the belated mission statement. Sometimes, you just get so excited to get going that you forget to properly introduce yourself and show your road map. I don’t yet precisely know entirely what it is I am doing with this space, but I do have an idea.

I want to share my photography with you. I want to start by sharing my back catalog since 2007, moving fairly chronologically into the present, and then continuously share new images into the future. I want to imbue these images with the rich stories behind them so that you get beautiful visual cues as well as immersive narrative that lets you imagine beyond the what you see.

My eventual goal is to work on this project full time, supported by membership fees. With the membership fees collected, I want to dedicate more and more time and energy into this project so that more and more benefits accrue to members - I literally want to see that you are gaining more benefits from membership every month that you are a member.

I envision the model for this project as a flywheel, where membership fees pay for expanded services and benefits. Imagining into the future, perhaps some of those expanded services and benefits include: monthly delivery of high quality prints for framing; expansion into videography, both traditional and the coming augmented reality and virtual reality technologies; the creation of an immersive and rich modern members area for interaction and discussion; and much, much more.

These are obviously all fairly lofty dreams residing somewhere in the hazy future. In the clear present, this is merely a subscription newsletter-style service providing daily images and stories. But if you dare to imagine with me, what I see this becoming is so much more than that.

This is what I envision for those that join this journey through membership!