The King of the Jungle

Summer 2008

Even though lions don’t live in the jungle… I digress.

So the story behind these lions is pretty funny.

A group in the white car in the first image decided to unroll their windows to get a clearer shot of the lions. Then, as the lions moved closer, they panicked and decided they should get those windows rolled up. One problem though…

Their car had stalled out. So they had to wait get out of the car on the side away from the lions, and push the car to a rolling start to get the engine started again. Why they had to do this, I do not know, but they did.

Luckily, the lions must have had some food recently as the lioness had blood all over her face. Probably lucky for that group in the white car. They eventually got the car started and automatic windows up and were on their way.

Spot the 4 lions in this image.

And then the lions got bored of us and walked off into the sunset.

The end.