The Hypnotic Striations of Cederberg

Spring 2008

300 km north of Cape Town lie the incredible striations of the Cederberg Mountains.

A trip made on a whim, I am forever grateful that my next door neighbours invited me to go climb around the mountains and check out the dry, desolate beauty of the mountains.

Contorting our way through dangerously narrow cracks in the mountains, we made our way to a partial top from a town in the valley.

Epic rocks arose from the landscape, as if giants themselves had carved and placed them, meticulously and with care.

Red, grey, and green contrasted against baby blue skies.

Cederberg provided another glimpse into just how dynamic the different environments in South Africa are.

These dry orange mountains were a sharp contrast to the lush coastal environment of the southern coast.

Make sure to wander your way here when you eventually visit Cape Town.