The Best of Kruger

Spring 2008

Kruger National Park was our second destination after Mozambique. It was on the way back to Johannesburg so it was an easy decision to do a safari. Kruger was huge. Just a vast, open expanse of wildlife.

Ruler-long Giant African Millipedes crawled across dusty savanna roads with thoughtless abandon.

Lazy Springboks grazed the grass without a care in the world.

Skittish Rhinos on alert, covering front and back.

Curious giraffes taking a moment to stare between mouthfuls of green leaves.

Majestic elephants gracing us with their presence.

And autumn orange sunsets bleeding down the horizon.

We didn’t see any of the large predators like Lions and Leopards this time around, but little did I know then, I would be back in Kruger National Park in about 4 months.

For now, we had finished our safari and were heading back towards Johannesburg for a tour of the city.