The Best of 2007

Summer & Fall 2007

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Bleeding sunset over Long Beach at Pacific Rim National Park. If I had to choose my absolute best and favourite image from 2007, this would be it. I was in the right place at the right time to be able to capture such a beautiful, vibrant image. The low tide had created these wonderful, untouched ripples in the sand. The sun was exploding with reds and oranges as it sank beyond the horizon. There were clouds that were reflecting those amazing colours in the sky and also onto the shore. A mountain in the mid-right and the vastness of the Pacific Ocean ahead. This image stirs my soul in ways that are difficult to verbally explain. I am emotionally moved whenever I look at this image.

This was taken at Cultus Lake as the sun’s rays were glimmering down through passing clouds. Currently, I’m not happy about the overblown skies in the top middle. However, if I try my best to recall why I was taking this image, it was due to those sun rays shining down and trying to capture the children running across the dock on their way to jumping into the lake. I think if I was tied up fiddling with manual settings, I would have missed the moment of the girl in the center frame lit up by one of those rays. I mentioned previously that sometimes, ignorance frees you from complexity to capture the moment you want to capture: this was one of those moments.

Speaking of capturing moments, this was also one of those happy accidents. Although I am instinctively drawn to nature and landscapes for my photography, it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate a good shot from the street. I was experimenting with creating a sense of motion by slowing down the shutter speed and panning along with this group. It was Halloween in downtown Vancouver. I didn’t think about this photo too much at the time, but the dizziness this image causes me as I look around the frame is, in a strange way, very fascinating.
Every summer, the Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival is on full swing in Vancouver by the seaside. The white tents with red accents is visually distinctive. What I like most about this image are the layers: 1/3 of the frame is white white with speckles of red, the next 1/3 is concrete grey with green trees, and the last 1/3 is blue-green mountains with white-grey clouds and baby blue skies. It also helped that the sun was behind me for a proper exposure.

Again, what I like about this picture are the layers. The face and sunglasses are about 70% of the frame, but but then me, 3 friends, and the trees and sand appear in the remaining 30% of the frame in the reflection of the sunglasses. Experiments in different angles, vantage points, and perspectives.

From 11 summers ago, these were my favourite images, all shot with that first DSLR, the Nikon D40x.

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