Melting Sunsets on the Orange River

Summer 2008

As we neared the border at Vioolsdrif, we set up our tents on the South African side of the Orange River, the largest river in South Africa and the natural border that separates it from Namibia.

The setting sun, as if on cue, exploded with and orange glow that spread across the sky, turning the Orange River, literally orange.

We were able to get one of my favourite shots from this entire trip on this night.

The focus and exposure of the camera on the river and sky allowed us to become black silhouettes in the colourful drama unfolding in the river and sky.

As the sun melted away beyond the horizon, we captured one last image of the Orange River rippling in a rainbow of orange hues.

With the sun almost down, some of the Belgian boys decided to swim across the river to unofficially set foot in Namibia before we crossed the border the next morning.

I did not join as my fear of leeches, hippos, and alligators paralyzed any desire to. In hindsight, I probably should and would have joined in that swim.