England, before Africa

Winter 2008

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As the new year dawned, I was gearing up to leave for a semester abroad at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. I stopped in England to visit roommates who I had lived with the previous year in the dorms on campus. My one roommate had spent a year in Vancouver doing his study abroad from the University of Leicester. We hiked around Bradgate Park on a gorgeous and chilly January afternoon. The brick remenants of Lady Jane Grey’s home from 16th century still stand in this park - Lady Jane Grey is known for her 9 days of rule as Queen before being beheaded.

We hopped around to Cambridge to look at Punts and the University. Sadly, no spotting of Stephen Hawking around the University.

2 weeks between Norwich, Cambridge, and Leicester later, I was rushing off to London to hop a flight down to Cape Town, South Africa.