Destination Tofo

Spring 2008

After close to 8 hours of driving the 500 kms from Maputo (part 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 available for members to read and view), we peeled our stiff backs off the car seats to view an exploding sunset as we drifted into Tofo.

This image captures how we felt: exhausted, exuberant, and exhilarated to finally be at our end point destination. We settled into our shacks made of straw at the hostel and grabbed a table in the communal area for some food and drinks.

The next morning, we set out to explore our surroundings. Tropical white sand beach stretched for miles on end in both directions. Tofo served a small but bustling tourism industry, which meant we weren’t the only foreigners here.

We happened to time our arrival with the rise of the full moon. This meant that there was a crazy full moon party going on at Dino’s Bar down the beach.

Whale Sharks are numerous off the coast of Mozambique, and especially Tofo. We signed up to go snorkeling off the coast of Tofo with the Whale Sharks. Way out past the breakers, the enormous columns of water moving up and down were a terrifying spectacle to witness even in calm seas. We did spot some Whale Sharks and were able to snorkle next to some. These are really big creatures and it was awe inspiring to be able to swim next to such giants. Lauritz and Lindsey got badly stung by a swarm of tiny jellyfish and Melissa puked on the boat ride to and from the snorkeling; I was fine. The only regret is not buying the absurdly expensive DVD of the snorkeling experience that the tour was selling afterwards. Life tip: Always buy the image or video of you doing something really cool.

Evenings were spent watching the band at Fatima’s Nest jamming music Africa style.

What I’ll never forget about the ocean was the warmth of the waters: it was like sitting in a warm bathtub. The ocean hitting Tofo is on the south-eastern coast of the African continent, which meant we were wading in the Indian Ocean; over in Cape Town, we were faced with the chilling waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

It was a glorious handful of days spent in the sun, the beach, and the ocean.

We left Tofo, heading back to the South African border where we planned to hit Kruger National Park and then Johannesburg before heading back home.