Coffee Bay

As we zoomed south out of Swaziland and down towards the coast on South Africa on the Baz Bus, we made a stop in St. Lucia. Long rugged stretches of rough seas and sand beaches. There was a nile crocodile sanctuary with some absurdly large crocodiles that almost made you not need to see how big dinosaurs were. All of these crocs were in the sanctuary because they had killed a human.

Moving westwards now hugging the coastline of South Africa, 240 kms later we made it into Durban. Our hostel was in an area of town where we were advised not to walk around in at night. During the daylight hours, we did walk over to a shopping centre like area in the downtown, but quickly realized that this was not a tourist shopping centre as all the quizzical looks we got from the locals made us embarrassed and uncomfortable. We came back to the beach and the hostel.

Coffee Bay was an absolute oasis. 520 kms from Durban, we had to swing inland on the Baz Bus and then take a shuttle offered by the hostel at Coffee Bay back into the coast for an hour or two. It was absolutely worth the side trek.

Calm, quiet beaches and spectacular, pristine, rugged South African coastlines.

We ventured around the hills surrounding the bay that shelters Coffee Bay, and we found ourselves walking up the side of a rather slippery and steep cliff, where the side down was a long way down to jagged ocean rocks.

We did eventually make it to the top capture a glimpse of Coffee Bay as the last colours of the sky danced on the horizon.

Back down at the hostel, we played around with long exposure shots and the light from our brick Nokia cellphone.

This week will be all about Coffee Bay and we are so excited to share one of our favourite stops along the South African coastline.