A Belated Introduction

Summer 2018

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I was so excited to get started on this little project that I’ve completely forgotten to introduce myself. Outside of the brief About page I whipped up in the frenzy of setting up this account, I haven’t really properly introduced myself to you.

Hi! I’m Steve. The first photo is me in the summer of 2018 somewhere in Prince Edward Island.

That above is me also, back in the summer of 2007. The camera I’m holding is that trusty Nikon D40x, the first DSLR I ever owned.

That Nikon came along for a decade plus journey with me. The current version of me has finally retired that Nikon and lifestyle inflated myself up to a Fujifilm X-T2 with a 16-55mm f2.8 lens and a 35mm f2 lens. The images produced from the Fujifilm take my breath away, and I’ll be sharing those images with you soon in the future. But there is a decade long story I want to get you caught up on, so you’ll get to primarily see the Nikon creations first.

Anyways, let me get caught up on my life. I was born in Seoul, South Korea. My parents immigrated to Canada when I was 5. I toiled away my teenage summers in farms and coffee shops to afford high school trips to Italy, Spain, and Mexico - the foundations of my photography obsession started on those high school trips. During undergrad, I lived in Cape Town, South Africa for a semester and traveled all around Southern Africa snapping photos (trust me, those images and stories are coming). I went on to do some graduate work in London, UK and met a great friend who himself is a great photographer and learned and was inspired by him. I came back from the UK with years of student loans to pay back, found a boring day job to pay it all off, became obsessed with finance and investing, manage a six figure investment portfolio we’ve built up from zero, and still to this day I am drawn to take photos on all occasions.

There are so many images and stories I am dying to share with you! Africa. Europe. North America. Asia. Cape Town. The deserts of Namibia. The Okavango. Victoria Falls. Mozambique. Iceland. Yellowstone. The Maritimes. So, so much I can’t wait to share with you. I hope you are as excited as I am!