Beautiful, daily still image stories


The First Pet Photo

Dust Collection

Blizzards in Residences

Winter Wonderland

Stanley Park

Back Home on the Westcoast

The Last 2 Photos from Africa

The Last Days of Africa

Enjoying the Top of Table Mountain

Cape Town Below

Cape Peninsula Below

Table Mountain Top and Bottom


Back in Cape Town

Hole in the Wall

Rolling Hills of Coffee Bay

The Southern African Coast

Trekking to Hole in the Wall

Coffee Bay


Bourke's Luck Potholes

Blyde River Canyon

God's Window

Probably the Real King of the Jungle

The King of the Jungle

The Buffalo Herd

Hiding in Plain Sight

The Serval

Back in Kruger National Park

The Smoke and Thunder

The Best of the Zambezi

Elephants Swimming the Zambezi IV

Elephants Swimming the Zambezi III

Elephants Swimming the Zambezi II

Elephants Swimming the Zambezi I

Elephants Wading into the Zambezi

Elephants Crossing the Zambezi

The Stars of the Zambezi

Monkeys on the Zambezi


Baobabs at Night III

Baobabs at Night II

Baobabs at Night I

The Megafauna of the Okavango

Forays into the Okavango

Gliding through the Okavango

The Porters of the Delta

Into the Okavango Delta

The San People

The Okavango Delta from the Sky

Etosha National Park V

Etosha National Park IV

Etosha National Park III

Etosha National Park II

Etosha National Park I

Spitzkoppe Day and Night

Majestic Spitkoppe

Fire Dinners

Darkness at the Foot of Spitzkoppe

Dusk at Spitzkoppe

The Tropic of Capricorn

The Moon Landscapes



The Desert Tour Guide

Morning in the Namib

The Namib in Daylight


Atop the Namib

The Summit

The Ascent

At the Foot of the Dune

The Desert Dunes

The Namib

Nambian Canyons and Deserts

Together at Fish River Canyon

Peaking into Fish River Canyon

Fish River Canyon

Rafting on the Orange River

Early Mornings

Melting Sunsets on the Orange River




The Crew


Before the Southern African Journey

The Peak of Devil's Peak

Cape Town Below

Skinny Ridgelines

Climbing up Devil's Peak

Lost on the Side of Table Mountain

The Hypnotic Striations of Cederberg


The Township of Soweto V

The Township of Soweto IV

The Township of Soweto III

The Township of Soweto II

The Township of Soweto I

The Best of Kruger






Destination Tofo

The Road to Tofo V

The Road to Tofo IV

The Road to Tofo III

The Road to Tofo II

The Road to Tofo I

Mozambique or Bust

Insects in the Backyard

University of Cape Town III

University of Cape Town II

University of Cape Town I

The Campus on the Mountain

The Garden Route

Of Nights and Power Outages

Life Around Cape Town

The Family


Penguins Galore

Perfect Camouflage

Around the Cape Peninsula

First Days Around Cape Town

Rosebank, Cape Town

300,000 Years Later

England, before Africa

The Manifesto

The Best of 2007

Nature, Landscapes, and Skies

Experiments in Street Photography

A Belated Introduction

Ignorance of Aperture

Blurred Frame, Frozen Objects

Stepping Out of Automatic

First Steps in Automatic

The Rise of an Obsession

Beautiful, daily still image stories