Hi! My name is Steve. Welcome to my canvas. Here is a little introduction of myself.

Why Sequoia Studio?

Photography is in my blood. I’m instinctively drawn to capturing moments in time through still imagery.

I want to share my images and stories with you on a daily basis: my evolution as a photographer, the stories behind the pictures, techniques, and insights.

Bringing a daily dose of joy, awe, inspiration, and laughter into your life is my vision.

You can read The Manifesto to get a sense of our journey here.

What do I get when I subscribe?

Access to the Daily Update, 5 articles every weekday with beautiful images and stories.

Members will also get an exclusive link to view all of the images that appear in every article in high resolution. Members will also have the ability to download the images for personal, non-commercial use.

Additionally, members will benefit, for free, from all features and upgrades that are slowly added in the future.

How much does it cost?

$5 a month, or an annual subscription of $50 a year.

Membership fees help me dedicate more of my energy and time into this project. Reinvesting the fees into continually improving the experience for members is my primary goal, so that you receive more and more benefits from membership with each passing month.